Unfriend Your Old Car

No one wants to drive around in an old clunker! Here at McKAIG Chevrolet Buick, we are encouraging you to UNFRIEND YOUR OLD CAR. It is time for you to finally get behind the wheel of a car you actually enjoy to drive! No more complaining about your beater, it is time to unfriend it.

If you are driving around in a dreadful car, let our East Texas Buick dealer help you get behind the wheel of a Nicer, Newer® Car! For just $9 down, you have the ability to save big on your dream car. That’s right, you read correctly, JUST $9 down!

East Texas Shoppers Can Befriend a New Buick

Don’t let bad credit get in the way either. Our East Texas Buick finance center has financing for everyone, no matter how bad the credit might be. Being a Dealer FOR The People® links us up with banks and lenders who could help you get approved with ease!

Show off how happy you are on social media! Take selfies inside your new ride, and let the world know that unfriending your car was a great move. There’s no reason you should be upset when driving, so take initiative into your own hands.

This deal is like Snapchat, it won’t last long. So hurry up! Contact McKAIG Chevrolet Buick by calling us at (903) 339-2139 and let our team help you get the car of your dreams for a great low price.