Chevy diesel service near Tyler TX

Diesel fuel prices are always out of this world. Even when they are dropping, they are still making a dent in many pockets. We understand that nobody wants to continuously spend a bunch to fill up their tank, which is why our Tyler TX area Chevy service center is here to help drivers save big. Take a look below at some tips that could help motorists improve their diesel fuel mileage:

    1. Avoid revving the engine: Getting into the next gear slowly is the way to go. While getting into the next gear as quickly as possible is fun, it burns fuel quicker.
    2. Use air conditioning sparingly: If it is possible to avoid using the air conditioning, then don’t use it. Running the A/C uses fuel, so stay away if possible.
    3. Maintain a further following distance: The further back you are from following a vehicle means that you might not have to make as many stops. The fewer the stops, the fewer times you have to accelerate.
    4. Take it a bit slower: While on the highway, it is wise to slow down and save fuel. Every mile per hour over 55 will lower your fuel economy by .1 MPG.
    5. Cruise control is your friend: Maintaining a constant speed helps you remain off the throttle to climb hills, which saves a good amount of fuel.
    6. Turn your engine off: Idling reduces fuel efficiency, so by turning your engine off instead of sitting with it running helps save fuel.

Tyler TX area Chevy service

Since we are a Dealer FOR The People®, we strive each and every day to give shoppers the service they deserve and need. While our service department works hard to keep Tyler TX area Chevy drivers feeling like new, our diesel service is tough to compete with. Our intelligent and well-trained technicians have the knowledge needed to provide quality and efficient service, which makes us the place to come to for all diesel repair and service.

There are plenty of ways to save diesel fuel, and the list above is just a few of our favorite tips. To learn more about how we can help you save, be sure to contact McKAIG Chevrolet Buick by calling our service department at (903) 374-0474.