Non-Commissioned Solutions Specialists

Customer service

When it comes time to shop for a new car, there are many things that pop into the heads of each shopper. What car should I buy? How much am I willing to spend? Do I really have to deal with these pushy dealerships?

While each question is a valid concern, McKAIG Chevrolet Buick helps eliminate that last question. With our non-commissioned solution specialists, you can feel at home when shopping for a new Chevy at our East Texas dealer FOR the People® without feeling any pressure. The solutions specialists are like sales people, but they are more personalized and care about YOU!

Shop With Ease at Our East Texas Chevy Dealer

We are dedicated to bring you exceptional service and get you in the RIGHT car, not the more expensive one. Being that our team doesn’t work off commission, we give you the time and attention you deserve to make sure you are happy. Our Non-Commissioned Solution Specialists have no financial incentive to push or sell anything other than what is best for YOU!

At our East Texas Chevy dealer, you have a Buyer’s Bill of Rights. This reinforces what McKAIG Chevrolet Buick is about, and shows you how you are special and deserve the best during your time with us. We strive to make each car buying experience the best one yet, and our non-commissioned solution specialist know how to do just that.

To learn more about how we can help you find the car of your dreams, contact McKAIG Chevrolet Buick by calling us at (903) 339-2139.