Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey has passed but the damage still remains. Whether you have been affected directly, physically, emotionally, or know someone who has suffered, we are here to help. This is a long journey to recovery, but we are Texas Strong! Through thick and thin, our community stands by one another, helping out friends, family, and strangers through this rough time.

We are all saddened by the tragic events in Texas surrounding Hurricane Harvey. Our experts here at Consumer Reports wanted to share some information that might be helpful to you or anyone you may know affected by the storm. We realize that for many, rebuilding and recovery represents a long road ahead, and we hope that this helps.

Saving Your Valuables

Saving valuables can be a race against the clock, so it is important to make sure you know what to grab and how to treat them.

  • First off, be sure to prioritize what is most important to you. It may be difficult to save everything, so grab what means the most to you whether it be for sentimental or monetary reasons.
  • Be sure to handle each item with care. When wet, most items are fragile, so be sure to remove photographs from damp albums and place paper towels between every few pages if a book is wet.
  • Try not to rub any item in order to clean them. Clean them gently, especially photos. Rinse photos carefully in clean water and let them air-dry on a soft surface or by hanging them up.
  • If damp objects cannot be tended to right away (48 hours), you can put these photos, papers, books, and textiles in the freezer and clean them later.

Don’t Blindly Donate

#TexasStrongIt isn’t easy facing problems like these. For those who are looking to help those in need, it is also important to know which charitable organizations you can trust. Whether you are seeking help or wishing to donate to others, see which organizations have a proven track record for assisting with disaster relief efforts. Check out Charity Navigator to see a list of charities that are great to donate to in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

It’s also wise to see if your loss is a tax write-off. Uninsured losses caused by a natural disaster may be deductible under federal tax law. If you itemize your taxes, be sure to check with a tax professional to find out if your loss qualifies for the deduction.

To learn more about how we can help in the aftermath of Harvey, be sure to contact McKAIG Chevrolet Buick by calling us at (903) 339-2139.