Chevrolet financing in Gladewater near Tyler

When you shop for a new vehicle at our Gladewater Chevy and Buick near Tyler, there are exciting roads ahead! Of course, you’ll first need to decide whether to finance or lease your new ride.

Fortunately, our expert team is here to lend a hand. Explore your options and let us help you get behind the wheel today at McKAIG Chevrolet Buick.

Financing a New Vehicle

When you decide to finance a vehicle, you’re simply taking out a loan for the remaining balance after you make your down payment. You can apply for financing with our Gladewater Chevrolet dealership, and we’ll help you secure a competitive interest rate.

Once you complete your payments, the vehicle is all yours! You can drive, maintain, and customize it anyway you like. If you plan on keeping your car for the foreseeable future, or if you tend to do a higher than average amount of driving, then financing a vehicle might be your best option.

Leasing a New Vehicle

When you lease a vehicle with us, you pay for a portion of its value while you use it, and then you return it to us. This allows you to secure a monthly payment that’s typically lower. You’ll also have less maintenance to worry about since warranty coverage will tend to last at least as long as your lease. This is a great option if you like to be a brand new car, since you can get into a new lease when your current one ends.

At the conclusion of your lease, you’ll turn in the vehicle and handle any charges for overages on your allotted mileage or excessive wear and tear. As such, a lease might not be for you if you do a lot of driving or tend to be hard on your vehicles.

For more information on financing options at our Chevrolet and Buick dealership, be sure to contact us by calling (903) 339-2139. The McKAIG Chevrolet Buick team is happy to go over your unique circumstances with you to help you hone in on which option is best for you!

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