Electric vehicle

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular each and every year. When it comes to servicing an electric car, there are not many moving parts unlike that of a typical vehicle, which means there’s not as much needed maintenance. While there are a fewer number of fluid and extended brake wear intervals, there are still a few other ways these cars need to be serviced. At McKAIG Chevrolet Buick, our Gladewater service center can help service these electric cars with ease. Check out how we can help below:

Brake Care

With the help of regenerative braking, your electric car can harness energy and store it in the battery system for later use. This means your brake pads will last longer, translating in longer periods between maintenance. Check your owner’s manual for the correct amount of time.

Tire Rotation

Tire rotation and service will not change when in an electric car. No matter what car you drive, getting your tires checked regularly is very important and vital to a safe drive.

Fluid Check

Your electric car will need coolant, brake fluid, and windshield washer fluid. While brake fluid should be checked regularly according to your owner’s manual, windshield wiper fluid should be added periodically. Most of the other fluids in your electric car cannot be accessed.

Whether you drive a gas, diesel, or electric car, here are many reasons to stop by our Gladewater service center for routine maintenance. Our well-trained technicians are here to make sure you continue to own the road. For those electric car owners, we are happy to help keep the environment clean and your car running smoothly!

To learn more about how we can help, be sure to contact McKAIG Chevrolet Buick by calling us at (903) 374-0474.