Chevy Brake Service in Gladewater

Chevy brake service in Gladewater

The brakes on your vehicle are the number one safety feature in your car. It is important to make sure your brakes are in great shape at all times, as unhealthy brakes puts you and many others in danger. Our Gladewater Chevy service center can help drivers check their brakes and give them all the brake service they need.

Signs Your Brakes Need to be Replaced

Although they might be out of sight, out of mind, your car’s brakes are vital to your safety. If your brakes are unhealthy, you put yourself and those around you at danger. Below are a few signs your brakes need to be replaced.

  • Grinding: If your brake pads have worn down, then you will hear some grinding. This grinding is the sound of two pieces of metal rubbing together, causing your brakes to become uneven.
  • Pulling: When your brakes become uneven, your car begins to pull in one direction when braking. This is caused from constant grinding, and can become very dangerous as it takes control away from drivers.
  • Reduced responsiveness: If your brakes don’t respond like they should, there could be a leak in your braking system. If you see a puddle under your car when it’s parked, that could be a sign of a brake system leak.

Be sure to keep an eye on your brake system and be sure to get your brakes checked when you believe there is a problem. Routine brake maintenance is also key, as technicians can sometimes spot problems you may never notice.

Why Service at McKaig Chevrolet Buick?

At McKaig Chevrolet Buick, we want to give shoppers an incredible car buying experience. Not only do we have a non-commissioned staff, but we also offer service coupons that will allow drivers to save a bunch of money! Our staff is dedicated towards getting shoppers the car they want at a great low price. Our service department also strives for greatness, as our world class diesel technology allows us to cater to everyone’s needs. Stop by our Gladewater dealership today, we’ll be happy to help.

Service Reviews

"This dealership has been great from the first purchase and every service visit, I always leave satisfied. Shannon and the guys in the service department treat us great and make sure we understand the reason for any work performed on our truck or Suburban." - user

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