It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the wiper blades on your car are important. After all, most of the decisions you make behind the wheel rely on a clear line of sight. Despite this, it’s not uncommon for drivers to wait until it’s too late to replace their car’s wiper blades. many drivers are neglectful of their vehicle’s wiper blades.

If you’ve noticed that your wiper blades are failing to scrape your windshield clean, it’s probably time to replace them. That’s where our Gladewater Chevy dealer can help out. If you need help figuring out what type of wiper blade your car needs, or installing them, our Chevrolet service technicians will be happy to help you out.


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The Importance of Wiper Fluid

Your wiper blades aren’t the only items that need to be maintained to keep your line of sight clear. Wiper fluid plays an important role by helping clean the dirt and dust off of your windshield. If nothing comes out when you press the wiper fluid button in your car, it’s time to refill! A funnel and some high-quality wiper fluid are helpful for completing this procedure.

  • Make sure the vehicle is turned off
  • Locate the hood release and pull it
  • Discharge the latch and lift up the hood, making sure to engage the hood prop
  • Open the container of wiper fluid and set it on the ground next to the funnel
  • Locate the fluid reservoir and open it
  • Locate the fill line—usually located just below the top edge of the reservoir opening
  • Place the funnel in the reservoir’s opening and pour the wiper fluid into the reservoir until it reaches the fill line
  • Replace the reservoir’s cap and close the vehicle’s hood—securing it back into place
  • Put the top back on the bottle of wiper fluid and rinse the funnel with water

If you need help with the procedure above, or any other issues with your vehicle, our Chevrolet service technicians can help. Or, if you’re the type who prefers to fix your car on your own, our service center will be happy to provide you with the parts to do so.

To learn more, visit our Chevrolet dealership in Gladewater or give us a call at (800) 941-0709 to schedule a service appointment.