Antique Police Car Event in Gladewater

Being a Chevy dealer in the Antique District, we are proud to have sponsored the incredible Antique Police Car Event this past Friday, April 7. What is the Antique Police Car Event? Well, students at Kilgore College have spent months turning the beautiful 1951 Chevy Deluxe in to a police cruiser. This beautiful 66-year old Chevy was found by the Gladewater Police Department, and Police Chief Rob Vine came up with the brilliant idea of turning it into a police cruiser. Luckily, McKaig Chevrolet Buick had the honor to be the main sponsor for this project.

"It made sense to have an antique patrol car come down to the Antique Capital of (East) Texas," said Mark Abernathy, owner of McKaig Chevrolet Buick, citing Gladewater's designation by the Legislature. "And when it was a Chevy, we wanted to make that happen."

On Friday, we finally got the chance to see the outcome of what the students have worked so hard on for the past six months. Being dealt an old vehicle to fix up isn’t an easy task, but the students did this 1951 Chevy and the Gladewater Police Department justice.

Gladewater Chevy Fans Have Anticipated This Antique Police Cruiser

1951 Chevy Deluxe Police Cruiser

“Joel Laws did an outstanding job with the class and the students put an awful lot of work into the 6-month project," Vine said.

While this spruced up Chevy looks beautiful sitting still, it will also be patrolling the streets of Gladewater.

“In the city of Gladewater, downtown in our antique district, our plan is to actually patrol the area," Vine clarified. “It will go about 60 or 70, but most likely we’ll be going about 15-20."

Chevy enthusiasts in Gladewater who have yet to see the final product in person are sure to amazed once they lay eyes on this beauty. While the final project looks great, it wasn’t easy.

"It doesn't even look like the same car anymore," student Brittany Casanova of Dallas said. "It looked terrible, it looked like a puzzle."

To learn more about the Antique Police Car Event, please feel free to contact McKaig Chevrolet Buick by calling our dealership at (903) 339-2139.